Parks & Recreation

How do become a vendor at the Farmer's Market or Sunset Market?

Both outdoor market venues are managed by Mainstreet Oceanside.  Mainstreet Oceanside can be contacted at (760) 754-4512.

When do I need to have a special event permit?

Special Event Permits are required for any organized activity involving the use of, or having impact upon, public property, public facilities, parks, beaches, sidewalks, streets or the temporary use of private property in a manner that varies from its current land use.  Activities that include the following components will require a permit; amplified music, alcohol, street closures, and crowds greater than 50.

Is a permit or reservation needed for a picnic at a beach area picnic shelter?

No, all beach area picnic facilities are first come first served. It is recommended that you arrive early during the summer season to acquire a picnic location. A permit may be needed if your activity has more than 50 people and may include equipment, decorations, tenting, amplified music or other items not normally part of a typical daily beach use.

Are wedding ceremonies allowed on the beach and will I need a permit?

Wedding ceremonies are allowed on the Oceanside beach.  If your ceremony has less than 50 people and does not include equipment, decorations, tenting, amplified music or other items not normally part of  typical daily beach use, a permit is not required. Permits are not issued for beach weddings during the peak summer season (Memorial Day to Labor Day).

Are wedding ceremonies allowed at a City park?

Yes, all city parks can be used; however, the following parks are most commonly used for wedding functions: Heritage Park (rental required), Strand Gazebo Park (rental required), Buddy Todd Park, Tyson Street Park, and Buccaneer Park.  A special event permit is required.

Are inflatable jumps allowed at City parks and is permit required?

Inflatable jumps are allowed at City parks and for small group activities do not require a permit.  It is recommended that inflatable jumps be obtained from a company with an Oceanside Business License and current liability insurance showing the City of Oceanside as additionally insured. Please note that jump providers must provide a generator for power.

I am having a party at my house or business with a live band; can I obtain a noise permit?

The City of Oceanside does not have a specific noise permit.  Noise is regulated through the City noise ordinance Chapter 38.

Do I need a permit or a reservation for a birthday party or a family gathering at a City park?

No, park use is first come first served, unless your group is over 50 people and will have tents, amplified music or other large equipment involved.  Ball fields can be reserved on a rental basis through the Sports and Athletics section.

I am opening a new business, is a permit required for my grand opening?

If the activity involves the exterior store front or parking lot and activities include tents, exhibits, amplified music/public address, food concessions or other activities outside of the normal business activity, a special event permit is required.

How do I apply for Beach picnic area reservations?

All beach area picnic facilities are first come first served. It is recommended that you arrive early during the summer season to acquire a picnic location. A permit may be needed if your activity has more than 50 people and may include equipment, decorations, tenting, amplified music or other items not normally part of a typical daily beach use.

Where can I camp?

Camping opportunities are available at the Oceanside Harbor, (760) 435-4000 and at Guajome Regional Park in Oceanside, a County of San Diego Park, (760) 724-4489.

How do I apply for community service hours?

All volunteer opportunities including some service hour credits will be run through the Department in which the volunteer hours will be completed as well as the Human Resources Department.  All interested applicants, looking for service hours in Parks and Recreation should contact Parks and Recreation at (760) 435-5041.  You can also visit the Parks and Recreation Administration Office in person to pick up a volunteer packet at 300 North Coast Highway, Oceanside 92054. At this time, the City does not accept court ordered community service requests.

How do I rent a facility, the Pier Amphitheater, Strand Gazebo, Heritage Park?

Permits and event information can be provided through our Special Events Office, contact (760) 435-5540.  To view the facility rental information brochure, click here.

How do I reserve Guajome Park?

Guajome Regional Park is part of the San Diego County Park System, visit

How do I report graffiti, park maintenance and or street maintenance needs?

Please contact the City of Oceanside Customer Care line at(760) 435-4500. 

Are there electrical outlets at the parks for public use?

No.  For Special Events permits and more information please contact (760) 435-5540.

Can I bring my own BBQ to parks/beaches?

Yes, small charcoal or propane BBQ’s are allowed. Charcoal must be disposed of appropriately in charcoal bins along the beach. For more information please contact (760) 435-5540.

Is alcohol allowed at the City parks or beaches?

No, alcohol is not allowed on Oceanside beaches. For alcohol use information and a listing of parks which allow alcohol use, contact (760) 435-5041.

How do I get tourist information?

Visit the Welcome Center in Oceanside at 928 North Coast Highway, Oceanside 92054 or find information on their website at

Where are the Ride-Share parking lots?

Please contact Cal-Trans at (916) 654-5266.

Who is in charge of your golf courses?

The City of Oceanside has two Municipal Golf Courses, Oceanside Municipal Golf Course and Center City Golf Course. For more information please visit our Golf Courses webpage.

There is a beehive at the park. Who do I contact?

Contact Customer Care at (760) 435-4500.

How do I register for recreation classes and programs?

Parks and Recreation takes online registrations for all classes. Activenet is fun and easy!  After setting up your account, you can register for most recreation programs using your VISA or MasterCard or Check Debit Card, with the VISA or MasterCard logo. Some swim and aquatic camps require a swim test before you can register online.  Many of our Adult Leagues require walk-in registration, only.  Check the Recreation Activity Guide for more detailed information or call Parks and Recreation at (760) 435-5041.  Online registration is accessed by clicking on the Class Registration button located on each page of the Parks and Recreation website.  Walk-in registration is taken at all recreation facilities during operating hours.  No phone registration is accepted.

How do I sign up for little leagues, pop warner, etc.

All private, non City run, sports programs such as Little League, Girls Softball, and Pop-Warner are responsible for their own registration and league administration.  We have provided a listing of all current private sports organizations at our Parks and Recreation Sports homepage. to find this listing please choose Neighborhood Services, Parks and Recreation and form the menu on the Parks and Recreation homepage, please choose "Sports" and then select "Sports Organizations.  If you have further questions or need information on field use and or rental, please contact the Parks and Recreation at (760) 435-5041.

How do I apply for the Scholarships?

All scholarship applicants should contact Parks and Recreation at (760) 435-5041.  We have a dedicated scholarship coordinator ready to answer your questions, help you learn if you qualify, and walk you through the registration process.

Does the City offer programs for disabled people?

Recognizing that leisure is an integral part of every individual’s life, Oceanside Parks and Recreation programs are open to EVERYONE.  We do not have an identified Therapeutic Recreation section, but we will work to accommodate most needs.

Do I need a Film permit to take photographs or make a video in a public location?

It is the policy of the City of Oceanside to permit the motion picture, television production, and still photography industries to utilize the variety of backdrops afforded within the City of Oceanside as locations for filming, video taping, or photographing for commercial purposes.  Film permits may be obtained through the Parks and Recreation, Special Events Office.