What are library hours and locations?

The city operates two library sites: Civic Center and Mission Branch, a literacy center: Oceanside READS, and two mobile libraries: Adelante and the Bookmobile.  Please visit our hours and locations page below for addresses, maps and hours, or call 760-435-5600.

Do you have computers?

We do!  The Civic Center Library has approximately 40 public-use desktop computers, and the Mission Branch Library has over 20. More info at Oceanside Public Library Computer Services

You will want to make sure you have or sign up for your free Oceanside Public Library card to use these computers. 

There are also 4 laptops available on each of our mobile libraries, Adelante and the Bookmobile, with Office and WiFi-based internet, but not printing.

Special computer stations and tablets, packed with educational games, and purposely set up without access to the internet, are available for younger children.

Is there WiFi (wireless internet access)?

Yes!  Publically accessible Wi-Fi is available at both our library sites There’s an open network called “Oceanside_Guest” – click the agreement and hop on! WiFi is also available on board our mobile libraries.  

How do I renew books or other items to keep them longer?

You can renew books, music, audiobooks and other items from almost anywhere, as long as you have your Oceanside Public Library card (sorry, no renewals for DVDs). Renew online by visiting  or by phone at 760-435-5600.  If you renew by visiting us in person, you don’t need to bring the items with you, just the library card!  More info on renewals at Oceanside Public Library Cards & Borrowing Policies

Do you have ebooks?

Yes!  You need to visit us at least once to get your free Oceanside Public Library card.  Then you can search for and check out ebooks and emagazines from the links at Oceanside Public Library Ebooks & Emagazines

and also find out more information about how to do it and what systems are supported.  Call us at 760-435-5600 to get ebook and emagazine advice and support, or drop by the nearest library or mobile library stop.

How do I apply for a library card?

To apply for an Oceanside Public Library card you’ll need to visit one of our library sites, Civic Center or Mission Branch, or one of our mobile libraries, Adelante or the Bookmobile.  You’ll need picture ID and, depending on what you want to do, if your ID doesn't have your current address in San Diego County on it, you’ll also need a piece of mail you've received at that address.  For more info visit Oceanside Public Library Cards & Borrowing Policies or call 760-435-5600.

How do I pay library fines or fees?

Library fines or fees must be paid in person at one of our library sites, Civic Center or Mission Branch, or one of our mobile libraries, Adelante or the Bookmobile.  At Civic Center and Mission Branch we can accept cash, check or credit cards as a form of payment.  At the mobile libraries we can accept cash (with limited ability to make change) and checks, but are unable to accept credit card payments. Details on fines and fees can be found at Oceanside Public Library Cards & Borrowing Policies

How do I request that the library buy a book or item?

The online form or email address at Oceanside Public Library--Contact Us can be used for any message, including a request that the library buy a certain book, movie, or other item. Please provide your own email, name and library card number, and item title, date, author/performer/etc., and publisher/company, if possible.

You can also ask that the library purchase an item in person at a service desk, or by calling 760-435-5600.  We may not be able to acquire everything our customers ask for, but we appreciate the input!

How do I view upcoming library events?

Most upcoming library events, programs, and activities are on the Oceanside Public Library Calendar  with additional info on some events on the City of Oceanside Public Library Facebook page  

Please call 760-435-5600 or use the Oceanside Public Library--Contact Us page for additional or updated events information.