Central Record/Archives Program

The City Clerk department is responsible for the care and custody of all vital, legal, permanent and historic records of the City of Oceanside. The department maintains a full-service Archives and Central Records Center. Since 1991, this program has been located in the City Operations Center in the eastern portion of the City.

While the first official Records Center began in 1986, the City Council adopted a formal Records Management Program in 2004. Its implementation established systematic document control through a Citywide Records Retention Schedule. The City Clerk Department administers this program, providing training, records storage and retention services to all City staff.

The Central Records Center provides a secured environment and monitors both humidity and temperature for the proper preservation of the City's records. Currently the Central Records Center houses 20,399 containers (boxes of records); 59,645 drawings, plans and maps; roughly 2,820 photos, slides and negatives; and 204 displays. More records are being transferred daily.

The Archives, located within the Central Records Center, preserves permanent City documents with historical interest, such as minute books, old ledgers, etc. It also includes photographic collections and objects donated from private citizens and Oceanside's Sister Cities.

Additionally the Records Center assists departments with processing public records requests (Freedom of Information requests) and provides research facilities for qualified researchers.