City Boards, Commissions & Committees

The City of Oceanside has a long tradition of citizens volunteering to serve their community. In 1904, the Board of Trustees (the City Council at that time) appointed the first group of citizens to serve on the Library Board of Trustees. In 2005 this board celebrated 100 years of continuous volunteer service to the community. Citizens have been serving on the Planning Commission since the appointment of the first commissioners in 1928. The City values its citizen volunteers for their commitment to their community.

Today over 150 volunteers serve on approximately 24 commissions, boards and committees, offering advice and recommendations on policies and programs relating to different areas of concern (e.g., transportation, housing, public safety, historic preservation, human relations, etc.). These citizens perform an invaluable service, contributing their time and expertise to provide input regarding policies and programs affecting the City, the Downtown Redevelopment Area, and the Small Craft Harbor District, as well as other regional groups requiring City representation.

Who Are Board, Commission & Committees Members?

Members of most of the commissions, boards and committees are Oceanside residents of all ages that represent a variety of interests and backgrounds. While education and expertise in a particular area of interest may be considered for appointments, they are not mandatory. City Council appoints the members of the committees, boards and commissions from the applications submitted to the City Clerk’s office.

What Do Boards, Commissions & Committees Do For the City?

The primary responsibility of all members of committees, boards and commissions is to serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council. Council looks to their advisory groups for sound, quality recommendations based on all available input and what is best for the entire City. The members do not make political decisions or act in any capacity reserved for elected officials. Members are appointed to represent the entire community and not exclusively the viewpoint of a particular group or interest.

How To Apply

Applying to a committee, board or commission is fast and simple. Just contact the City Clerk Department at (760) 435-3000 and request an application for the advisory group(s) of your choice. An application will be mailed to you. Or, stop by the office at City Hall North, 2nd floor, 300 North Coast Highway, to pick up your application in person. Or, click on the appropriate link below to obtain an application. After filling out the application, return it to the City Clerk Department.

When To Apply

Applications are accepted at all times during the year. Scheduled vacancies are advertised in the Union Tribune and posted on the City's website at Once you turn in your application, it remains on file for a period of one year, unless you notify the City Clerk Department to pull your application. Each time a vacancy exists on the advisory group for which you applied, your application is submitted to the City Council for consideration of appointment. You will be notified by letter from the City Clerk on the status of appointments.

Additional Information

For any changes/updates to these advisory groups, their meeting dates and other information, please call the City Clerk Department at (760) 435-3000. Here is a list of the advisory groups to help you decide your preference: