City Clerk

   Zack Beck

Elected November 2012
Term expires December 2016


Welcome to the Office of the City Clerk. The mission of the City Clerk Department is to serve as the City’s source for informational, historical, legislative and election services for the community, the public and City agencies and to provide these services in an efficient, effective and friendly manner.

About The Department

The position of the City Clerk was established in 1888 with the incorporation of the City of Oceanside. The City Clerk was the first full-time, paid employee. The position has always been an elected office, with the first City Clerk elected on July 3, 1888.

In 2012 the City Council voted to make the City Clerk position part-time, although it remains an elected position. This change was effective with the election and swearing in of the current City Clerk in December 2012. 

As an elected official the position reports to the public, rather than to the City Manager or Council. The City Clerk Department staff consists of 8 full-time employees and 1 part-time employee. They are divided between 2 sites. The Legislative Services, Lobbyist and Elections and Fair Poltical Practices Commission Reporting Programs are located in the Civic Center. The Central Records and Archives and the Document Imaging Programs are located at the City Operations Center. For more information on the services provided under these five programs, click on the program titles to the left.

With a history of the City available through the records maintained by this department, going back to the City's incorporation in 1888, it is a great resource to find information. The entire City Clerk Department is committed to providing the highest quality of service to the public and all City departments. Please call (760) 435-3000 or email with any questions or concerns.