Document Imaging Program

The City Clerk Department implemented the City's Document Imaging Program in 2001. The goal of the program is to provide ready access to City documents and to promote transparency of government. Initially set up for City staff to access legislative documents, it has now expanded to allow the public to have the ability to research information on many of the historical, legislative and operational records used to conduct City business.

The system began with importing City Clerk legislative documents into the system and now includes participation from most of the City departments. The City Clerk Department has the responsibility for establishing policy and providing guidance to all City departments in the imaging of City records in accordance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Association of Image and Information Management (AIIM) standards and the provisions of the Government Code. This includes maintaining a secured system with appropriate back up, quality control procedures and training of City staff in the system's use.

The system contains electronic copies of documents that include minutes, resolutions, ordinances, building permits and many other document types.


There are currently three public kiosks in the Civic Center (300 North Coast Highway). Two are located in the Development Services Department area: one for Planning and the other for Building permits and plans. The third and newest public kiosk is located in the City Clerk Department lobby. Two computers are available for citizens to research various legislative documents. Department staff is available for assistance.