Plan Check

The Building Division is required by State and City ordinances to approve the design of a building before the issuance of the building permit. In order to approve the design according to the code requirements, it becomes necessary to conduct a formal detailed plan review.

Minimum Submittal Requirements

Prior to submitting plans to the Building Division for review, plans will be routed, by the applicant, to other departments depending on the scope of work. Therefore, it is important to check with the Building Division as to which departments you will be routed to, and checking with those departments regarding their submittal requirements.

Please see the following handouts for submittal requirements:

Plan Review Process

Once the plans are accepted for review, they are placed in line for the initial review based on a first-come, first-served basis. When the plans are reviewed an itemized correction list is prepared by the plan checker.

The Building Division notifies the applicant to pick up the corrections. Once the applicant has addressed the corrections, the plans will need to be resubmitted. Again, the plans are put in line on a first-come, first-served basis.

At the second review, if the plans are in compliance with the corrections identified, they will be approved. However, if there are still outstanding corrections, a second, itemized correction list will be generated by the plan checker, and the process will repeat until all corrections have been addressed.

Plan Review Target Dates

A “Target Date” is an estimation of the approximate time for the initial plan review to be completed. Target dates may fluctuate based on the volume of plans.

New Commercial Buildings: 21 calendar days
Commercial Tenant Improvements: 14 calendar days
New Residential Buildings: 21 calendar days
Residential Additions: 14 calendar days
Residential Interior Remodels: 14 calendar days
Accessory Dwelling Units: 14 calendar days
Photovoltaic (Residential) Systems: 1 calendar days
Photovoltaic (Commercial) Systems: 14 calendar days 
Re-submittals: 7 calendar days
Revisions: 7 calendar days

Plan Review Expiration

Plan review expires one calendar year from the date of submittal.  To request an extension, the applicant should submit a written request, prior to expiration. One six-month extension may be granted.

If the plans have expired beyond the extension, the plans may be renewed by written request. Renewal procedures may vary depending on Building Code adoptions. Plan check fees may need to be collected, and new plans may need to be submitted.

Please see the City of Oceanside Municipal Code for a more detailed version of the Plan Review expiration code.

Revising Approved Plans

Once plans are approved and the Building Permit has been issued, changes and/or clarifications may need to be made to the approved plans. The best way to avoid delays is to submit these changes as soon as possible.

To submit a revision, the Building Division requires two copies of the plan sheets that have been affected by the change(s). Full sheets are required in most cases. A “Revision to Approved Plans (43 KB) form will need to be filled out as well. It is important to be as detailed as possible when describing the change(s) that are being submitted for review.

Plan Review Status

The applicant will be notified when plans have been reviewed. However, to check the status of plans, please contact the Building Division at: (760) 435-3950 or e-mail at: