Development Services

District 2 The Development Services Department is comprised of the Planning, Engineering and Building Divisions. With the City's General Plan as a blueprint, the department oversees all aspects of land use, natural resource and transportation planning, design of public projects, and construction oversight on both public and private properties.

Staff from the three Divisions also provide customer service support at the Development Services Center.

Note: Land use planning within the Redevelopment Area of the City is managed by the Planning Department.

Planning Division

The Planning Division is responsible for land use planning under the auspices of federal, state, regional and local laws, ordinances and City policies, and serves the community by providing balanced, professional recommendations to the public and City decision makers as they define, shape and implement Oceanside's vision.

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division enforces federal, state, and local requirements for grading activities, the design and construction of public and private infrastructure, floodplain administration, land development, storm water pollution prevention measures, and final mapping related to the subdivision of land. Capital improvement projects (CIP) and transportation matters are also administered within the Engineering Division. The Engineering Division's goal is to provide Oceanside citizens, businesses, and visitors the essential public infrastructure to enhance safety, health, mobility, and quality of life.

Building Division

The Building Division enforces State building codes, mobile home regulation and various City codes.

The department handles building plan check services, the issuance of building permits, and record keeping for all building projects within the City, both public and private; it also ensures that all building in the City is conducted in compliance with City-issued building permits.

About the Development Services Center

About the Development Services Center Development Services Center (DSC) staff serves as the City’s first source for development related information to businesses, developers, real estate professionals and members of the public.

At DSC staff also provides plan/permit review of minor ministerial applications. For additional information regarding available services at DSC please contact us at:

Development Services Department
300 N. Coast Hwy – Oceanside CA 92054
(760) 435-4373
(760) 435-4374 fax