Engineering Design Manual

All design and construction projects related to water, sewer, and reclaimed water are now subject to all requirements as listed in the Water, Sewer, and Reclaimed Water Design and Construction Manual adopted by resolution of the City Council on November 17, 2004. The requirements for water, sewer, and reclaimed water in the Engineer's Design and Processing Manual are now superseded and void.

Therefore, all parties are directed to the Water Utilities Department for additional information or click on the link below to download the Water, Sewer, and Reclaimed Water Design and Construction Manual.

Water, Sewer and Reclaimed Water Design and Construction Manual 

Standard Drawings
Section UL
 M-01: P.V.C. Sewer Bedding Detail (467.7 KB)
 M-02: Temporary Trench Resurfacing (479.3 KB)
 M-03A: Trench Backfilling & Resurfacing (481.7 KB)
 M-03B: Trench Resurfacing When Fabric Is Required (353.7 KB)
 M-03C: Trench Resurfacing (557 KB)
 M-04: Street Light Location (407.3 KB)
 M-05: Concentric Cul-De-Sac (432.3 KB)
 M-06: Offset Cul-De-Sac (448.2 KB)
 M-07: Standard Knuckle (396.4 KB)
 M-08A: Special Cross Gutter (461.5 KB)
 M-08B: Special Cross Gutter (436.5 KB)
 M-09: P.C.C. Ribbon Gutter (324.2 KB)
 M-10: Expanded Driveway Return (520.2 KB)
 M-11: Handicap Ramp (520 KB)
 M-12: Typical Lot Grading (425.4 KB)
 M-13: Fire Hydrant (529.1 KB)
 M-14: Placement of Underground Utilities (471.4 KB)
 M-15: Gabion Cage Retention Basin (469.2 KB)
 M-16: Compacted Dike & Siltation Basin (527.9 KB)
 M-17A: Oversize Rock Disposal Detail (588.5 KB)
 M-17B: Oversize Rock Disposal Detail (660.2 KB)
 M-18: Sandbagging Installation @ Toe of Slope (416.7 KB)
 M-18A: Sandbag Installation (267.6 KB)
 M-19: Typical Seawall Detail (502.6 KB)
 M-19A: Typical Levee Section (369 KB)
 M-20: Silt Fence (723.7 KB)
 M-21: Straw Bale Dike (471.3 KB)
 M-22: Straw Bale Check Dam (584.1 KB)
 M-23: Sediment Trap (558.9 KB)
 M-24: Storm Inlet Sediment Trap (449.5 KB)
 M-25: Grade Stabilization Structure (536 KB)
 M-26: Stabilized Construction Entrance (710.5 KB)
 T1: Site Distance (374.5 KB)
 T2: Access Grades (431.2 KB)
 T3: Standard Street Sign (531.1 KB)
 T4: Parking Lot Layout (452.9 KB)