Improvement Plan
To add, remove, replace or alter any improvements within the public right-of-way, city easement or city owned property, an improvement plan shall be prepared under the direction of and signed by a Registered Civil Engineer, licensed by the State of California, and shall conform to the current Engineering Design and Processing Manual.

Plans must conform to the following formats:
  • Improvment Plan Submittal Check List 2013 Acrobat icon (37.6 KB)
  • Improvement Plan Standard Title Sheet Acrobat icon (224 KB),  (532 KB)
  • Improvement Plan Standard 2nd Sheet Acrobat icon (33 KB),  (430 KB)
  • Plan and Profile 20 Scale Sheet Acrobat icon (18 KB), (81 KB)
  • Plan and Profile 40 Scale Sheet Acrobat icon (19 KB),  (84 KB)
  • Water and Sewer Plan Standard Title Sheet Acrobat icon (412 KB),  (261 KB)