Special Projects & News

The Engineering Division identifies, designs, and constructs capital projects that help maintain or improve Oceanside’s infrastructure. These projects, such as street repair or drainage improvements, are completed with every effort to minimize inconvenience to the public. Special projects and News covers projects undertaken by the Engineering Division, that due to the environment impact, public needs, cost, size, or duration, require extensive design, coordination, and public outreach.

Reverse Angle Parking Installed on Mission Avenue

The City of Oceanside recently reconstructed a 4-block section of Mission Avenue in the downtown area, which now provides for all modes of transportation. Mission Avenue has been transformed from a four-lane two-way street to a two-lane one-way street (westbound), which includes wider sidewalks, new bus stop boarding areas, and a safer bicycle travel area. As part of the award winning project, the City also installed reverse angle parking. Reverse angle parking was implemented to provide a safer environment for our bicycle users. Now, when vehicles pull-out of the diagonal stall, a driver has a much better line-of-sight of a bicyclist traveling on Mission Avenue. Other advantages of reverse angle parking include improved safety for children entering and exiting a parked vehicle, safer area to load and unload goods from the trunk of the vehicle (on the sidewalk instead of in the road), and providing enhanced traffic calming. To help drivers better understand on how to park in a reverse angle spot, the City has created this video: