Pacific Street Bridge – A Work in Progress

9/8/10 update

After two years of use, the recently constructed Pacific Street Bridge over the San Luis Rey River seems like it has always been there, and the equipment, detours, and noise are a distant memory. Well, in fact, work continues quietly. To construct the bridge and connecting roads the City committed to restoring habitat both around the bridge and at off-site mitigation locations. The commitment consisted of identifying an area from which to remove unwanted exotic plant species, restoring native plants, and then maintaining the area for 5 years. Biologists monitoring the areas have reported the mitigation has been successful thus far.

Pacific Street Project Completion

Cars, vehicles, and pedestrians have been enjoying access to the harbor on the new Pacific Street Bridge since September 9, 2008. Many thought the opening of the bridge to traffic signified project completion; it was however, a major milestone within the project schedule. Actually the project is ongoing and is in a month of the original completion date.

Since September the contractor has removed the old at-grade Pacific St. crossing and reconfigured parking lots 6, 7, 9 and 10. Remaining work includes restoration of disturbed environmental areas, touch-up work as identified in a “punch list”, and the added work to connect the SLR bike trail to the new Pacific Street.

For any remaining questions or comment about the Pacific Street Bridge Project, feel free to contact the Project Manager, David Toschak at (760) 435-5106