Planning Division

Mission Statement

Coast Hwy Vision & Strategic Plan – After

Coast Hwy Vision & Strategic Plan – After

In partnership with our community, the Planning Division is committed to providing efficient, effective and high quality service.

The Division promotes innovative and responsible land use planning, encouraging development opportunities to achieve Oceanside's physical, environmental, social, economic, cultural and safety goals.

Planning Division Responsibilities

The Planning Division serves the community by providing balanced, professional recommendations to the public and City decision makers as they define, shape and implement Oceanside's vision.

The Division is responsible for land use planning under the auspices of federal, state, regional and local laws, ordinances and City policies.

Primary Planning Services

Coast Hwy Vision & Strategic Plan - Before

Coast Hwy Vision & Strategic Plan - Before

Staff encourages public participation and welcomes community input on all aspects of their planning service functions.

  • Policy Planning
    • Administration of Regional Policies (e.g. Multiple Habitat Conservation Plan - MHCP, SANDAG Regional Growth Forecasts)
    • Administration of Local Policies (e.g. General Plan, Local Coastal Program)
  • Project Development Processing
    • Review of discretionary and ministerial planning proposals for compliance with adopted policies and ordinances (General Plan, Zoning ordinances etc.)
    • Construction Plan Review
  • Environmental Review
  • Public Information/Customer Service

Planning Department
300 N. Coast Hwy – Oceanside CA 92054
(760) 435-4373
(760) 754-2958 fax