Deposit on Utilities

Based on the size of the meter, a deposit is required to initiate service unless proof of ownership is provided by the customer. Customers with a good credit history for twelve consecutive months will have their deposits applied to their account automatically. If the deposit remains on the account until the service is terminated, the deposit will first apply to any outstanding balance and then the remainder will be refunded to the customer by mail approximately three weeks from the termination date.

Single-Family Residential

5/8 inch meter $238.00
1 inch meter $238.00


5/8 inch meter $100.00
1 inch meter $100.00
1 ½ inch meter $150.00
2 inch meter $400.00
3 inch meter $750.00
5 inch meter $1,000.00


Calculated by type of business and size of meter.

Multi-Family Residential

The owner must sign in for service. Thus no deposit is required.

Waiver of Deposit

The owner may elect to waive the tenant deposit, in which case:

  • An owner’s signature must be made in the office with a current driver's license or state identification. OR
  • The owner’s signature must be notarized by a licensed notary public.

In either instance, the owner must initiate the request and acknowledge their willingness to share the responsibility for liability on the account.