Business License Guide

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Business License Guide
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A successful fire inspection is required in order to approve and finalize your Business License. The fee for this inspection is $152.00.

You will pay this fee along with your Business License fees.We need to view your place of business when you have everything in place and you are ready to begin business in your facility (all tenant improvements completed, office equipment and furniture installed, stock placed on shelving/racks, etc.).

*Please call for your Fire Inspection when your facility is completely ready to serve customers. Contact us at 760-435-4101.

We can typically schedule your inspection within 24-48 hours from the time you call.

We are providing the following basic guidelines to assist you in the preparation of your place of business. There may be additional requirements based on the type of business and materials being stored or sold.

1. Access
  • Firelanes are unobstructed and clearly marked.
  • Address numbers of the building are clearly visible from the street.
  • Commercial buildings require numbers 6 inches in height and industrial buildings require numbers 12 inches.
  • Emergency Access Guidelines available here.

2. Exiting
  • Exit pathways, exit doors and stairways are clear and unobstructed.
  • Exit door(s) open easily without special knowledge of locks or bolts.

3. General Fire Safety
  • Storage is kept at least 18 inches below sprinkler heads or 24 inches below ceiling.
  • Combustible materials are kept at least 3 feet away from heat producing equipment.
  • Trash dumpster is at least 5 feet away from any building overhang or opening.
  • Flammable or combustible liquids are kept in original containers, U.L. approved safety cans or approved storage cabinets.

4. Fire Extinguishers
  • A portable extinguisher with a rating of at least 2A:10BC must be available within 75 feet of travel from all portions of the interior of the building.
  • The date punched on the service card of extinguishers is within the last 12 months.

5. Electrical
  • Extension cords are not being used in place of permanent wiring (U.L. listed bar-type multiple outlet with surge protector is okay for small appliances).
  • Power cords are in good condition and are not subject to damage by being placed under carpet, under doors, through walls or stapled.
  • Wall outlets, circuit-breaker boxes and switches all have covers and are not overloaded.

6. General Information
  • If you are making modifications to the building (putting in a hood system, paint booth, adding a wall, etc) contact the Building Department at 760-435-3950 to see if a permit is required.
  • If you have an outside storage area, contact Code Enforcement at 760-435-3944.
  • If you are handling, storing or disposing of hazardous substances such as waste oil, antifreeze, etc., you must submit to Fire Prevention your MSDS and list of chemical on quantities on site.
  • If your business emits a contaminant into the air, follow the Air Pollution and Control District (APCD) guidelines. 1.858-650-4700.
  • If your building is sprinklered, the system must have an annual inspection and current five-year certification by a C-16 contractor. Check with your landlord/property manager with questions.
  • If you are a restaurant or food service provider, your hood suppression system must meet UL300 compliance. You can check with a licensed C-16 Hood System Contractor for verification. You must also have a “K” rated fire extinguisher in your kitchen.
  • If you are operating a body shop, pull the appropriate permits with the Building Department (760-435-3950) and APCD (858-650-4700). Be prepared to conduct a test with a C-16 contractor and fire inspector to confirm that the spray booth and extinguishing system is operating properly.
  • Please have a Knox box installed by the main entrance to your building or at each end of the multi-tenant strip mall to facilitate Fire Department access. Contact Fire Prevention at 760-435-4101 for more information.
  • If you are operating a family daycare or residential care facility, please call Fire Prevention at 760-435-4101 if you have questions.