Oceanside Fire Rescue 1, along with the Confined Space Trailer, comprise the department’s rescue unit. Rescue 1 is in-service and is cross-staffed by the crew at Station 7.
Rescue incidents include:

  • Motor vehicle extrications
  • Machinery/equipment entrapment Heavy Rescue
  • High Angle incidents (Rappelling)
  • Structural Collapse events
  • Confined Space/Subterranean incidents
  • Trench Collapses (coordinated with the Water Department)

Rescue 1 will also respond to large fires to re-supply air bottles for firefighters. In addition, it responds to any incident requiring scene lighting. In general, the vast assortment of specialized tools and equipment on Rescue 1 allow firefighters to operate effectively at a wide array of emergencies and fires.
In essence it’s a “rolling toolbox,” well-equipped for any odd-job that trucks or engines may not be equipped for.