Book Clubs

There are five book clubs for adults that meet on a monthly basis.  They are free and open to the public, and the books are selected by the groups.  Below are the most recent titles selected.  

If you have your own Book Club, we also offer a Book Club in a Bag, we have popular Book Club titles and an extended check out time.  Each Bag contains 6 - 8 books of the same title, discussion questions and a packet about participating and leading a Book Club.    

View the current Book Club Flyer.

Civic Center Library Book Club

Mission Branch Library Book Club

Country Club Lane Senior Center Book Club

Mystery Lovers Book Club

LGBTQ Book Club


Book Club in a Bag

Please contact CJ Di Mento for more information about the Senior Center and Mission Branch Book Clubs, Hilary McCreery for the Civic Center Book Club,Jennelise Hafen for the LGBT Book Club and Oksana Radomyshelsky for the Mystery Lovers Book Club.

If you are interested in starting your own book club, see a few helpful links below: