Art in the Library

Civic Center Library

Our current artist is Don Bartletti.  His work will be on display on the second floor of the Civic Center Library from March 4 - April 23, 2017.

Don Bartletti, a 1968 Palomar College graduate, recently retired after 32 years as a photojournalist with the Los Angeles Times.  In 2003 he won the Pulitzer Prize for his 6-part photo essay, “Enrique’s Journey – The Boy Left Behind”, the saga of Central American children riding freight trains through Mexico with the quest of finding their mothers in the United States.

 In 1967 he enrolled in Photo 50A, taught by the founder of Palomar’s renowned photography program, professor Justus Ahrend.  After that summer course he borrowed a camera and spent a week in San Francisco’s Height-Ashbury district.  The “Summer of Love became his first photo essay.  In 1968 he joined the U.S. Army.  As an Infantry 1LT in Vietnam he says he always carried a camera: “I took careful aim through gun sights and the viewfinder.  Photography became an affirmation of life.  Mercifully, I shot more pictures than bullets.”

After the war Bartletti started his photojournalism career at The Vista Press.  Over subsequent years he moved to bigger papers: the Oceanside Blade/Tribune and the San Diego Union/Tribune before joining the Los Angeles Times in 1984.

Although Bartletti has been around the world many times covering wars and social documentary issues, the soul of his career remains an unflinching look at our southern border.  About this often-polarizing and never-ending story he says, “Migration for survival is as old as civilization, unstoppable as the wind and frequently misunderstood.  With my camera as witness, I found courage, fear, love, hate, success and failure just as it happened – raw and unscripted.”

He is currently compiling a volume of images spanning 35 years to be titled, “The Roads Most Traveled – Causes & Consequences of Illegal Immigration”.  Bartletti’s work has been exhibited at major museums and he is a guest lecturer and teacher at universities, high schools and civic organizations across the U.S. and Mexico.   

Bartletti is 69 years old, married with 2 children, 4 grandsons and has made his home for 56 years in the house he and his father built in Vista.  

Mission Branch Library

We currently have paintings by Alex Arshansky on display.

Alexander is a prolific artist living in San Diego, California with over 800 paintings produced in the last 8 years.  Originally from Moscow, Russia, he moved to the United States over 20 years ago. The extreme change of climate, environment and culture surrounding has affected his artistic vision and expression: the work has evolved into what resembles Ancient Mayan Art with a rounded cubist twist of his complex mind's eye. The art explodes into a bright array of color-space elements and lines that make up each painting: From parts comes the whole - an observer will discover many parallel stories and realities within each artwork.  Alexander has a compulsive need for the creative process, and believes that making art creates a chain reaction of inspired minds in all forms of expression in order to make this world more beautiful, complex and magical.  View more of his work here. 

Past Exhibits

 The Civic Center Branch of the Oceanside Public Library is an ArtWalk Stop!  We host our featured Artists as part the the Oceanside Four Seasons Art Walk, upcoming dates are: March 3, July 7, October 6 and December 1.  Stop in to our Civic Center Branch and check out the new local art work on display on the Second Floor hallway gallery.  We keep the Art work up for an average of six weeks, and we are always glad to meet new artists!  For more information about Four Seasons Art Walk visit Oceanside ArtWalk

Displaying in the Library

In the Civic Center Library art can be featured in display cases in the front lobby, three smaller cases on the 2nd floor and on the walls of the upstairs hallway gallery. The gallery on the 2nd

floor and the space above the archway in the front atrium are suitable for mounting large photographs, paintings or two dimensional objects. The Children's Room display area is designed to highlight children's programming. 

Displays in the Mission Branch Library are featured in the display cases in the children's area, and on walls throughout the library. 

In both libraries, the displays in the cases are changed monthly, except in cases of special displays when a shorter or longer time may be arranged. Community members interested in displaying original artwork contact the Oceanside Public Library for more information.