Mission Cove Affordable Housing

Mission Cove Affordable Housing Project

 NEW:  An Interest List for Mission Cove Senior Apartments for ages 62 plus opened September 1, 2017 and is subject to close without prior notice.  More information including how to add your name to the interest list is provided on the flyer available at the following link:  


Welcome to the Mission Cove Affordable Housing Mixed-Use Development webpage. This site is intended to inform the public about the project which will be developed on the 14.5 acre parcel located along the 3200 block of Mission Avenue.

Project Background

The City purchased this 14.5 acre parcel in 2006 for future affordable housing development. Through several community meetings, a Vision and Strategic Plan was created which provided development guidelines for the proposed project.

In 2010, National Community Renaissance (CORE) and Community HousingWorks (CHW) were selected as the development team for the project. A development agreement was approved in 2012. CORE will be the master developer for the site and is responsible for developing 150 multifamily units over two phases. CHW will be developing 138 of senior/special needs units.

Project Update

Construction of the first phase of 90 affordable multifamily units is in progress. The estimated completion date for this phase is October 2017. Construction of the remaining two phases are estimated to begin in early 2017.

Project Information/Contacts

For General Information please call (619)223-9222.
Additional project information can be found at the following webpages:
National CORE http://nationalcore.org/uncategorized/national-core-community-housingworks-to-break-ground-mission-cove-oceanside/  
Community HousingWorks http://chworks.org/real-estate-development/current-projects/oceanside/