Self Certification and Registration

Section 3 Business Self-Certification and Registration

Types of Service

Please list any service that your license allows you to perform; be as specific as possible including license code

Please check the box next to the appropriate status type of your Section 3 Business

(please note that as part of bid requirements, you will be asked to submit evidence of qualifying as a Section 3 Business):
Fifty-one percent (51%) of your business is owned by section 3 resident(s)
Thirty percent (30%) of your current full-time staff meet the definition of a section 3 resident (either a recipient of housing assistance or a low-income Oceanside resident)
Your business has evidence of firm commitment(s) to provide twenty-five percent (25%) of the total dollar amount of subcontracts to section 3 businesses

Consent Statement

By pressing submit, I understand that:
  • I am an authorized representative of the company named above.
  • The company named above meets the requirements of the Section 3 status checked.
  • I understand that my business must meet all applicable state and local regulations.
  • I understand that when required, my Section 3 Business must competitively bid on projects and that this registration does not automatically qualify my business to receive an award.
  • Any documents requested as evidence of Section 3 status must be provided to Oceanside Housing or its Primary contractors/developers prior to the award of any contract. I understand that if I am unable to provide evidence of my Section 3 status at the time of contract award, I may be removed from the Section 3 list.
  • I give permission for the information on this form to be shared with Oceanside Housing’s primary contractors, developers, and other job assistance organizations. I understand that Oceanside Housing’s primary contractors, developers, and other job assistance organizations may contact me directly.