Dog Park

The San Diego Humane Society and SPCA Dog Park, adjacent to the San Diego Humane Society location at 2905 San Luis Rey Road, opened in Fall 2006 and has already earned an award of achievement from the California Parks and Recreation Society for innovative design for a specialty park. Just stop by anytime during park hours (7am-7pm) and see why. You and your four-legged friends will find a peaceful space to run and play. The dog park is Oceanside’s only off-leash dog park so please make sure to remind your dog(s) of proper etiquette before entering so that everyone can play, safely. The park offers separate spaces for less active and more active dogs. Owners are asked to please follow the basic rules of “dog park” etiquette to ensure the safety of all visitors:

  • Please pick up after your pet. Pet waste is a form of pollution and enters its way into our storm drains and ultimately ends up in our Oceanside and beaches, yuck!
  • Please remember that it is a DOG park, not a tot lot. Parents of small children should take caution when bringing both pet and child to play. Dogs don’t understand the social basis we humans do.
  • Bring dog toys and treats only if you intend to share leave them at the park for everyone’s use.

The park is successful due in part to the great efforts of the  San Diego Humane Society. While at the park stop into the SDHS and thank the dedicated staff, make a donation or just visit with the pets who eagerly await a home of their own.

For more information on the  San Diego Humane Society's fundraising efforts and ways in which you can get involved with this project, visit