Martin Luther King Skate Park

The Martin Luther King Skate Park was opened in 2008 and it's located at 4300 Mesa Drive in Oceanside. The park is 6,000 sq ft and it offers a variety of course styles such as vert, street and tranny. This skate park is not staffed and is open during daylight hours only. Skaters must wear appropriate protective gear at all times. Riders who do not follow this rule may be asked to leave the park by recreation center staff.

The park is open to skateboarders only. No scooters, roller blades, bikes or other equipment is allowed in the park. The City of Oceanside wants to keep the park open, safe and in good condition. Please report vandalism or broken equipment to (760) 435-5041.


Skateboard, In-line Skates and Roller Blades.
Commercially manufactured Helmet, Elbow, and Knee pads are required for all persons in skating area.
No smoking, alcohol, or drug use.
No skating or skateboarding under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or the combined influence of alcohol and drugs.
Keep off fences and walls.
No skateboarding or skating in parking lot, sidewalks, curbs, or entrance area near skating area.
No amplified music or audio headsets.
No unauthorized equipment, obstacles, or apparatus.
No food or beverage on skating surface.
No glass bottles.
No graffiti, tagging, or stickers.
Dispose of trash in trash receptacles.
No formal contests of any kind or organized activities without a special events permit from the City.
Do not use this facility if any hazardous conditions arise.  Report any damage/hazardous conditions to the City of Oceanside. 
Be respectful of others and share the space.