General Information

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Resource Centers

The City of Oceanside currently has six resource centers. The Police Department operates the Police Beach Facility and the Downtown Resource Center. The Housing and Neighborhood Services Department operates the other four centers.

The centers are designed to provide a sense of community and security to residents of the surrounding area, and also serve as a component of the Department's community-policing philosophy.

The Police Department's Senior Volunteers, along with other volunteers, staff the Police Resource Centers. They assist community members with preparing crime reports and other police-related functions. The Senior Volunteers will take reports for crimes such as car burglaries and vandalism. Residents can also obtain crime-prevention information and educational materials at the centers.

The Resource Centers' hours of operation vary with each location. Call for the hours of the center nearest you.

Police Resource Centers
Police Beach Facility 122 North The Strand 760-435-4962
Downtown Resource Center 401 Mission Avenue #C-122 760-757-3627
Housing & Neighborhood Service Resource Centers
Chavez Resource Center 605 San Diego Street 760-439-9831
Crown Heights Resource Center 1210 Division Street 760-435-3335
Libby Lake Resource Center 4700 North River Road 760-721-9920
San Luis Rey Resource Center 521 Vandegrift Blvd. Ste #B 760-435-3395

Local Records Check Letters

Local Records Check Letters are available to residents and former residents of Oceanside for the purpose of obtaining information regarding the applicant’s local Oceanside criminal history, but are not available for employment background checks. This is a Local Records Check pursuant to PC 13300 C3 and 13300 C8. The $10 fee is collected at the Records Section window located inside the main lobby.

Card Room Permits

The Special Enforcement Section issues permits for card room employees, massage technicians and fortunetellers. Fingerprints, photos and fees are handled at the police station front desk.