Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

The Oceanside Police Department will be recognized as an organization that is a model of excellence by those we serve, our members and other safety professionals.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to work with the community to build trust and provide quality service that actively prevents crime, reduces the fear of crime and promotes safety.

Core Values

  • Trust – reliance that we will carry out our duties with character and competency.
  • Personal Responsibility – a willingness to act with integrity, solve problems and accept accountability for our actions.
  • Quality Service – through innovative means, solve problems by individually and collectively giving our best effort at all times.
  • Partnership – working together to achieve common goals and solve problems.
  • Community Safety – a commitment to prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and enhance community well-being.
  • Diversity – we respect and value all members of the Department and community.