Environmental Stewardship

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Key terms used in Fleet are: recycle, reuse and reduce. Fleets in general have long been leaders in employing these terms. Measures currently in use by Fleet to lessen our impact on the environment include:

  • Recycle all waste oil and sell it back to used oil companies for a profit;
  • Purchase re-refined oil in every grade that it is available;
  • Recycle waste anti-freeze, and purchase recycled antifreeze in bulk;
  • Re-distill the same mineral spirits each night instead of sending off 60 gallons of waste cleaning solvent and buying new each month;
  • Fleet technicians have a cardboard recycle container in each bay for packaging of air and oil filters as well as any other parts that arrive in cardboard packages;
  • Fleet technicians have almost completely eliminated the use of aerosol cans by employing hand held pressure vessels charged with shop air;
  • And many hazardous petroleum based chemicals have been replaced by citrus based cleaners. Windshield washer solvent formerly purchased in gallon plastic bottles has been replaced by bulk concentrate eliminating several hundred empty plastic bottles each year;
  • Use of an electric powered sweeper that collects the waste water from floor cleaning disposes the waste water in a clarifier prior to it entering the sanitary sewer. This protects our creeks, streams and ground water from contamination either directly from dirty water or indirectly from run off rain water over dirty areas;
  • Re-use of electronic products such as power supply units, siren controllers, and fuel management computer modules for several vehicles thus eliminating these parts from entering the ever growing stream of electronic waste

All of these practices reduce either our contribution to the waste stream, our negative impact on air or water quality or reduce our use of petroleum products.