Divisions and Programs


Harbor Administration

Harbor Administration provides a full range of administrative and management support to programs in the department as well as management of the slip rental permit program and general marina operations. It assures conformity with all applicable policies, laws, regulations and ordinances by both department personnel and facility users and provides liaison between the facility users and the City Council/Harbor District Board of Directors and other appropriate citizen advisory committees/commissions.

Harbor Maintenance

Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance, repair, upkeep and construction of the docks, slips, launch ramp, restrooms, buildings, parking lots and other public use facilities. Additional responsibilities include landscaping and lawn, slope and tree care. The range of services includes electrical, plumbing, concrete, carpentry, painting and emergency and non-emergency response to hazardous materials incidents.

Lifeguard Services

Oceanside's Beach Lifeguards provide beach and ocean safety rescues, emergency medical aid and a variety of water-related rescue activities. The program manages and operates the youth-oriented Junior Lifeguard Program, provides special event lifeguarding. Additionally, the division manages the department's swift water rescue program and participates in the department scuba-diving services program. You can learn more about our Lifeguard and Junior Lifeguard programs here.

Harbor Police Unit

Harbor Police handles the department's emergency response element for traditional and maritime law enforcement, search and rescue, maritime firefighting, emergency medical aid and scuba-diving services provided by the Harbor Police Division. Harbor police officers are deployed on a 24-hour basis and respond to both emergency and non-emergency service calls.

Non-emergency services include vessel safety inspections, general assistance to boaters, dock inspections and after-hours assistance to the public on harbor-related matters. The Harbor Police utilize four-wheel-drive vehicles, boats and foot patrol to support field operations.