FAQ About Street Sweeping

How do I report graffiti?
You can submit an Online Request or call 760-435-4500. Code enforcement division offers graffiti removal with written authorization from the property owner.

I hear that I can park on the street after the sweeper has passed. Is this true?
Oceanside has a unique enforcement policy. State law allows for posting of signs for street sweeping and technically any vehicle parked during the posted time is subject to citation. However, in Oceanside, our goal is to gain compliance so that we can get streets swept and to work with people the best that we can to accommodate high density parking issues. Our enforcement policy allows for a driver to move for the sweeper to avoid a citation and then park back where we have already swept. Enforcement officers follow the sweeper to observe the sweeper have to pass a vehicle so once the sweeper and the officer have passed, a vehicle is free to park. Sweeper operators will even wait for drivers to get to their cars if they are flagged prior to passing a vehicle. Once the sweeper has gone around or has begun to go around a vehicle – a citation will be issued.

So, my vehicle has been marked by the parking enforcement office. What do I do now?
Once your vehicle has been marked by enforcement officers, you have 72 hours from the date and time of the posting of the notice in which to comply with the requirements under the above mentioned ordinances. To avoid impound, the vehicle must be moved 1/10th mile, and to avoid citation, it must be moved at least ½ mile from this location and not return for 24 hours after the end of the 72 hour monitoring period.  

For example, if the vehicle is marked on January 1st  at 8:00 a.m., it must be moved by 8:00 a.m. on January 4th which is 72 hours later and then remain ½ mile from the original location until 8:00 a.m. January 5th (24 hours after the original 72 hour monitoring period) before it can be brought back to its original location.

What about holiday scheduling? Is sweeping delayed like trash pickup?
Street sweeping is not delayed a day like trash service. We can only sweep and enforce as the no parking signs indicate. Holidays are handled differently with some days when no sweeping occurs at all to sweeping occurring just with no enforcement. When a sweep is missed altogether, we endeavor to make it up as sometime during the month or will respond to individual requests for maintenance as our schedule allows. To see a listing of the current years’ holiday schedule, click here.

What if I can’t move my vehicle on street sweeping day?
All vehicles must comply with the posted signs. If a vehicle is broken down a citation recipient may request for a review of the citation as outlined in item # 2 on the back of the citation and upon the presentation of a valid tow, repair, or parts receipt and with no other outstanding parking citations may receive a one time waiver. While there are few other exceptions to the posted signs, the parking enforcement office does work with residents with extenuating circumstances by providing parking alternatives, ample notice of the sweeper so that vehicles can be moved, etc. Please call the parking enforcement office at (760)435-5195 for more information.

When is my street swept?
All public streets in residential areas are swept bi monthly, either on 1st and 3rd or a 2nd and 4th weekday. There should be a sign at the entrance to every street, and more staggered on longer blocks that will advise you of your sweep day. Or, check the listing of streets by clicking here. (724 KB)

Why is my street swept?
Street sweeping on a routine bi-monthly schedule has been in effect citywide since 1986. Street sweeping removes over 50 tons per week of material that would otherwise remain in the street and eventually end up in our storm drain conveyance system potentially causing flooding and in the end polluting our creeks and ocean. In addition to the City’s longstanding commitment to street sweeping, recent legislation actually requires all coastal cities to have a comprehensive sweeping program. Oceanside is literally decades ahead of our neighbors who are just now developing similar street sweeping programs.

What is the reasoning for this more stringent approach to unattached trailers and oversized vehicles?
The City is responding to concerns from residents about trailers and oversized vehicles being stored on the street for extended periods of time and only moving for street sweeping and when they are marked by enforcement officers. These new laws are intended to discourage long-term storage and encourage owners of these vehicles to find better off-street choices for long term storage. In addition to the new laws pertaining to vehicles on the street, the City has made it easier for the storage of vehicles on private property. 

Please call the Code Enforcement Division at (760) 435-3951 for more details on private property parking.

How do I find out more information about parking my vehicle on the public street?
Please call the Parking Enforcement Office at (760) 435-5195 to speak with a parking enforcement officer or supervisor for more information.

What are the Unattached Trailer and Oversized Vehicle Laws?
Since October 2006, unattached trailers and oversized vehicles are restricted from remaining on the public street at the same location for more than 72 hours. After the 72 hour period has elapsed, the vehicle must be removed from the location and remain at least ½ mile from the original location for a period of 24 hours.

What is the difference between this law and the general 72 hour Law for parking on the street?
The 72 hour law (Oceanside Traffic Code Section 10.4) applies to all vehicles, including unattached trailers and oversized vehicles by regulating whether a vehicle is considered unattended or abandoned on the public street. Under this law, vehicles must move at least 1/10th mile during a 72 hour period, however, may park at the same location after the odometer has demonstrated the 1/10th mile traveled. The difference in the Oversize/Unattached law is that in addition to the requirements to demonstrate that the vehicle is not abandoned, it must also be removed at least ½ mile from the street where it was parked and stay away for at least 24 hours before it can come back to that location.

What will happen if I do not move the vehicle in the 72 hour period or just move it down the street?
The vehicle is subject to both the (OTC) 10.4 rule and the unattached trailer or oversized vehicle restriction, (OTC) 10.27/10.28. If the vehicle is not moved at all, or less than 1/10th mile, it is subject to a citation and/or impound. If it is moved, but is found on the street within a ½ mile radius of its original location, it is subject to a citation.

What are the definitions of unattached trailer and oversized vehicle?
Per (OTC) 10.29: Oversized Vehicle – shall mean any vehicle that exceeds twenty five (25) feet in length, or eighty four (84) inches in width, or eighty four (84) inches in height. Any extension(s) caused by mirrors or accessories attached to the side(s) of such vehicle shall not be considered part of the measured width area.
Unattached Trailer/Non-Motorized Vehicle – shall mean any trailer, travel trailer, tow dolly, semi-trailer, boat trailer, utility trailer, or any other vehicle without the means of self propulsion.

How will the City know that my vehicle hasn’t moved?
On the first occasions that your vehicle is encountered, the enforcement officers will place distinguishing tire marks, a window decal, antenna card, and a copy of this guide. After at least 2 occasions of marking the vehicle in this fashion, the enforcement officer may mark the vehicle in an inconspicuous fashion to ensure that it is being maintained under the law, of which the owner will be aware of from prior contacts and posting of this guide.

Why must there be a no parking provision with street sweeping?
The City has learned with experience that the most efficient way in cleaning our streets and removing the harmful constituents left by vehicular traffic is to have the street free and clear of vehicles. No parking during the scheduled sweeping times assures that we are able to sweep as much of the street as possible. 

To request assistance for a street sweeping issue, please contact the Public Works hotline at (760)435-4500.

For parking enforcement issues, please contact the Parking Enforcement office at (760)435-5195.