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Residential Solid Waste
and Recycling Services

Green Oceanside LogoOceanside Single family residential customers can use their own cans for trash collection. Waste Management will service any cans up to 35 gallons (with a 50-pound limit)  per household per week, including any Waste Trash CanManagement-provided carts. For those customers who provide their own cans, we prefer cans with detachable lids. Waste Management provides customers with a recycling cart for the collection of green waste and a set of recycling crates for the collection of mixed recyclables and paper.  Trash, recyclables and green waste are picked up weekly.

If you need to order additional crates, or replace lost or stolen crates please call Waste Management’s Customer Service Line at (760) 439-2824, or the Oceanside Recycling Hotline at (760) 435-5015.  There is no charge for additional recycling crates.  One additional Green Waste cart is also available upon request, free of charge. 

Recycle Bin Recycle Bin