Solid Waste & Recycling Services

The City of Oceanside is committed to waste diversion and recycling. Our goal is Zero Waste!

The City of Oceanside is committed to waste diversion and recycling. Our goal is Zero Waste. In 2012, the City of Oceanside enacted a Zero Waste Plan which set the goal of 75% diversion/recycling rate by 2020. This goal is aligned with recently enacted State of California AB 341. Currently, the City has reached a diversion/recycling rate of 71% through the implementation of numerous waste reduction and recycling programs. Once the strategies detailed in the Zero Waste Plan are fully implemented, the City should be able to achieve diversion higher than 75%, and ultimately meet the international standard of 90% to become a Zero Waste Community. For the complete Zero Waste Plan click here. Staff monitors all solid waste and recycling services as provided by Waste Management and Agri Service Inc., to further ensure these services help out community meet all State regulations and City Zero Waste goals. Staff also act as the City liaison to the Integrated Waste Commission, an advisory board to the City Council. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the City of Oceanside Customer Care line at (760) 435-4500.


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