Cash for Cans Program

Green Oceanside LogoCash for Cans The Green Oceanside team invites you to take part in our Cash for Cans program. The program is free, and it helps your non-profit group, youth team, or club make money, just for recycling.  The City provides the recycling containers to be placed at your school, organization office, special event, and/or in a public space, for your group to adopt and service for recyclables, all of which you can then redeem at your local recycling center for CASH!  That’s right, we give you the recycling containers, and you get the cash to help support your local community cause or activity.  Be a part of the solution, and help your group get paid for it.  For further information about this program, please call the Recycling Hotline at (760) 435-5015.

All funds supporting this program have been made possible by a Beverage Container Recycling Grant from the California Department of Resources, Recycling, and Recovery.