Zero Waste Schools

The City of Oceanside's Zero Waste School Program is an educational program designed to reach the youngest members of our community. The goal is to educate and inspire students, staff, and parents to reduce their waste and recycle more through hands-on learning experiences.

The Zero Waste School Program is an extensive recycling and educational program designed to reduce waste, increase recycling, and maximize cost savings through on-going education and monitoring. The Zero Waste School Program started as a Pilot at Palmquist Elementary and Lincoln Middle School. Both schools have seen fantastic results with current diversion rates of 85% and 65% respectively.

The Oceanside Unified School District adopted a Zero Waste Resolution on January 21, 2014, which set a goal of a district-wide implementation of the Zero Waste Schools Program by 2016. The Program has an estimated $100,000 in savings for OUSD upon district-wide implementation. The Zero Waste Schools Program works with each school throughout a semester to examine existing waste generation. The program then educates the entire school community and provides infrastructure to maximize recycling and reduce waste. 

Check out the two videos below about zero waste made by Oceanside High School Students!

If you have any questions regarding our Zero Waste Schools Program, please contact Jenna Roripaugh, City of Oceanside Environmental Specialist.

Jenna Roripaugh
(760) 435-5828