Oceanside Drought Response

   Drought Restrictions Now in Effect

On April 1, 2015, Governor Brown issued an executive order requiring mandatory reductions in water use statewide. For the first time in state history, cities and towns across California will have to cut their water use by 25%. The City of Oceanside is currently at a Level 2 Drought Response requiring all residents and business owners to strictly adhere to current water use restrictions. Identifying and eliminating water waste is essential to achieving the state mandated reductions. Its going to require everyone doing their part to be as water efficient as possible. For help in becoming more water efficient at your home or business, Oceanside will provide a free water use evaluation.

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Oceanside residents and businesses have done a commendable job saving water but we must do more. Click here for Ways to Save Water.


Level 2 drought restrictions answer the important question of “What do I need to do?”


  • Limit residential and commercial landscape irrigation to a maximum of 3 days/week (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays) for no more than 10 minutes or less between the hours of 6:00 pm and 10:00 am. 
  • Use a hand-held hose with positive shut-off nozzle to water landscapes with no irrigation system. 
  • Adjust sprinklers to prevent runoff or overspray 
  • Repair broken sprinkler nozzles and irrigation leaks
  • Do not irrigate turf or ornamental landscape during and 48 hours following measurable precipitation.


  • Sweep paved surfaces such as sidewalks or driveways; do not use a hose.
  • Wash vehicles using a bucket and hand-held hose equipped with positive shut-off nozzle (a professional car wash is preferred to keep pollutants out of storm drains).


  • Repair all indoor and outdoor leaks within 72 hours. 


  • Stop operation of ornamental fountains unless recirculated water is used.

Hotels and Restaurants:

  • Restaurants and other food service establishments serve water only upon request 
  • Operators of hotels and motels provide guests the option not to have towels and linens laundered daily.

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Current Drought Conditions



Gold is the new Green!

Spruce up your golden lawn with a drought sign telling your neighbors that you are doing your part to save Oceanside's water. Pick up a sign today at the Water Utilities Department at City Hall. Located at 300 N. Coast Hwy, M-F between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:00 pm.

Simple water-savings investments can help save gallons of water per day.


Rebate Amount

Water Savings

Turf Removal

$2/ sq. ft.

42 gallons/sq. ft./year

Smart Irrigation Controllers


13,500 gallons/year

Soil Moisture Sensor Systems


4,200 gallons/station/year

Rain Barrels


600 gallons/year

Rotating Irrigation Nozzles


Uses 20% less water than conventional sprinkler heads

High Efficiency Clothes Washer

$85 from MWD + $50 from SDG&E

20-30 gallons/load

High Efficiency Toilet


2.2-3.8 gallons/flush


The San Diego County Water Authority and The U-T San Diego are teaming up again in 2015 to provide timely information about water conservation every Saturday in the Home and Garden section in the newspaper and online. The U-T will publish a question-and-answer column called "Dear Drought Fighter" to help San Diego Country residents make the most of limited water supplies during a severe statewide drought.

The column will feature a range of practical ideas, resources, and tools to help reduce water use in homes and businesses. Residents may submit questions to the Water Authority at droughtfighter@sdcwa.org and will be eligible for free conservation devices and items such as shower times and soil moisture sensors.

 To view column online, please visit http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2015/feb/19/dear-drought-fighter-effort-save-water/