Oceanside Drought Response


Oceanside Moves to Level 1 Drought Watch

The City of Oceanside has returned to a Level 1 Drought Watch thanks to the extraordinary conservation efforts of our customers and the improved water supply conditions statewide. Oceanside will maintain mandatory Level 1 water use efficiency measures to ensure adequate water supplies should drought conditions continue.


Mandatory Water Use Efficiency Measures

  • Irrigate before 10:00 am and after 6:00 pm only. Consider limiting spray-type sprinklers to 10 minutes per day and adjust run times as needed to avoid runoff.
  • Use a hose with a positive shutoff nozzle irrigating landscaped areas.
  • Do not wash down paved surfaces unless required for public safety. 
  • Eliminate water waste resulting from inefficient landscape irrigation, such as runoff, low head drainage, or overspray. 
  • Use recirculated water in fountains and water features. 
  • Use a hose with a positive shutoff nozzle or a bucket when washing vehicles.  A professional car wash is preferred to keep pollutants out of the storm drain.
  • Do not irrigate landscape during and 48 hours after rainfall.
  • Repair all water leaks within 5 days of notification. 
  • Restaurants may serve water upon request only.
  • Hotels must offer guests the option of not laundering towels linens daily. 
  • Do not water turf on public street medians with potable water.
  • Use recycled or non-potable water for construction purposes when available.

 In Oceanside, conservation isn't just a number - it's a way of life.