Save Water Home


Watering Days Now Limited to Two (2) days/week
Tuesdays and Saturdays for Single-Family Residential Homes
Mondays and Thursdays for Apartments, Condos, Businesses, and Public Agencies

Current drought restrictions answer the important question of "What do I need to do?"
  • Limit residential and commercial landscape irrigation to a maximum of 2 days/week on assigned days for no more than 10 minutes or less. Water before 10:00 am  or after 6:00 pm. *Drip, micro-irrigation, or stream rotor systems may run for longer than 10 minutes but are still limited to assigned watering days.
  • Use a hand-held hose with positive shut-off nozzle to water landscapes with no irrigation system
  • Adjust sprinklers to prevent runoff or overspray
  • Repair broken sprinkler nozzles and irrigation leaks
  • Do not irrigate turf or ornamental landscape during and 48 hours following measurable precipitation.
  • No irrigating turf in public street medians with potable water. 
  • Washing:
  • Sweep paved surfaces such as sidewalks or driveways; do not use a hose.
  • Wash vehicles using a bucket and hand-held hose equipped with positive shut-off nozzle (a professional car wash is preferred to keep pollutants out of storm drains).
  • Leaks:
  • Repair all indoor and outdoor leaks immediately.
  • Fountains:
  • Stop operation of ornamental fountains unless recirculated water is used.
  • Hotels and Restaurants:
  • Restaurants and other food service establishments serve water only upon request.
  • Operators of hotels and motels provide guests the option not to have towels and linens laundered daily.
  • Simple water-savings investments can help save gallons of water per day. Visit our Residential Programs and Rebates page for more information or see below for more information about our FREE WaterSmart checkup program.

    *Those not following these restrictions are subject to citation and possible fines.

    Metropolitan Water District has announced the closure of its turf rebate program due to the depletion of funding.
    The SoCal waterSmart Turf Removal Program waitlist will be closed effective November 1st, 2015. No new applications will be accepted after that date. Customers who already have applied for and been added to the waitlist will be informed on a case-by-case basis when/if funding becomes available for their turf removal projects.
    For more information, visit