Drought Information Links
The following links are to websites which feature timely and interesting articles related to California's current drought.


California Reservoir Levels
Developed and maintained by the California Department of Water Resources, this informative site provides a graphical representation of the of water levels in California's major reservoirs.  Historical averages and data from previous years is available as well.

Save Our Water
Includes a brief overview of the 2014 drought situation in California.  This site also includes conservation tips and sample California-friendly garden photos. 

San Diego County When In Drought campaign
Learn more about the "When in Drought" campaign developed by the San Diego County Water Authority and its 24 member agencies that reminds our region to work together to save water every day in every way.

Information is also provided on current  water supply conditions, what you can do to help save water and how the region’s water agencies are enhancing the reliability of our San Diego County water supplies.