Water Utilities Projects

Reservoir Upgrades
Fire Mountain and Guajome No. 1 Reservoirs

Inspections and structural evaluations of all 12 of Oceanside’s drinking water reservoirs conducted in 2012 determined that the Fire Mountain and Guajome No. 1 reservoirs require repairs to the structures to meet current seismic requirements. Work needed for the 10 remaining reservoir tanks is currently under evaluation.

The retrofits and repairs are needed to minimize earthquake vulnerability and ensure the safety, security and reliability of our water supply stored at the Fire Mountain and Guajome No. 1 reservoirs. Construction work includes excavating the soil around the buried portions of each structure, removing the gunite (exterior concrete), and constructing new connections to tie the footings to the walls and the walls to the roof. Repairs will also be made to reservoir piping and surrounding buildings. Safety and security improvements will be made at each reservoir site as well.

The construction team is required to keep noise within regulations and sound walls will be erected to reduce noise impact. The contractor will also be required to control dust levels and not allow trucks to idle at the project site during working hours.

When all the repairs are completed, both tanks and surrounding buildings will receive aesthetic enhancements including fresh coats of new paint.


Work on the Fire Mountain and Guajome No. 1 reservoirs is expected to begin in October 2014 and take approximately one year to complete.

Community Outreach 

The City is committed to keeping residents in the project area informed about the project. Construction updates will be mailed, sent via email or delivered door-to-door. To be added to the e-mail and/or mailing list, please contact the project information line at 760-435-5833. Your call will be returned within one business day.

Reservoir Upgrades Fact Sheet (842 KB)

Reservoir Upgrades FAQ  (150)

Lake Boulevard Sewer Replacement


Sewer pipeline replacement work is being conducted in the roadway on Lake Blvd., College Blvd., Esplanade St. and a very short section of Mira Costa (see map). The work will improve the efficiency of wastewater flow and help to reduce odors in the area.


Work will require at least one road lane to be closed during construction and possible detours around some mall/business entrances to allow for trenching work in the roadways. When work is not underway, non-skid steel plates will be installed. They will be recessed to minimize noise impacts.


Construction Schedule

Construction will begin in late March 2015 and be completed by winter 2015. On Lake Blvd., Esplanade St. and Mira Costa St., work will be conducted during the day to avoid nighttime noise and impacts to residents. Daytime work hours will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. On College Blvd., work will take place at night to minimize potential traffic impacts for vehicles accessing State Route 78. Night work will take place on from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.


For More Information

We appreciate your patience during this important construction project. For more information, please contact the project information line at 760-435-5833. Your call will be returned within one business day.

South Oceanside Water and Sewer Pipeline Replacement Project

About the Project

The water line and sewer line replacement project will take place from June 2015 to summer 2016. The City of Oceanside Water Utilities’ contractor will use trenching methods to remove the existing pipes and replace with new ones. Residents will be able to access their driveways during construction but should expect delays and are asked to drive cautiously around construction. Streets will be paved at the conclusion of the entire project. The map below shows the streets where the pipeline work will take place. The roads shaded in yellow depict the streets that will receive full repaving and the streets shaded in blue will receive professional partial paving over the trench locations that will be neat, clean and have a smooth transition to the rest of the roadway.


Project Benefits

This project will improve drinking water deliveries and wastewater flow to ensure a safe, reliable and efficient water and wastewater distribution system for all who live and work in Oceanside.


South Oceanside Water and Sewer Pipeline Replacement Project FAQ