Boards, Commissions & Committees

The City of Oceanside has a long tradition of citizens volunteering to serve their community. At the turn of the century, the Board of Trustees (the City Council at that time) relied on citizen volunteers to support a wide range of activities. Examples of early volunteer efforts included assisting with surveying work for a new coast road, providing fire protection services, and making recommendations regarding the City's wharf.

Today over 150 volunteers serve on approximately 24 commissions, boards and committees, offering advice and recommendations on policies and programs related to different areas of concern, such as transportation, public safety and housing. These citizens perform an invaluable service contributing their time and expertise.

Who Are Board, Commission & Committee Members?

Members of the Oceanside commissions, boards and committees are persons of all ages that represent a variety of interests and backgrounds. While education and expertise in a particular area of interest may be considered for appointments, they are not mandatory.

Scope of Responsibility

The primary responsibility of all members of commissions, boards and committees is to represent the City and advise elected officials and staff on policies pertaining to services and programs. Members of these bodies serve at the pleasure of the City Council, Community Development Commission or Harbor District Board of Directors. They do not make political decisions or act in any capacity reserved for elected officials. Members are appointed to represent the entire community and not exclusively the viewpoint of a particular group or interest.