City Council
The City Council is the legislative body of the City, serves as its corporate board of directors and is responsible for establishing City policy. The Mayor and Councilmembers are elected at-large for staggered four-year terms. The City Council’s mission is to represent the citizens of Oceanside, make policy decisions, exercise fiscal responsibility and authority, and to serve the best interests of all citizens of Oceanside. The City Council works closely with the City Manager to ensure that policy is effectively implemented.

City Manager
The City Manager’s office provides leadership and oversight for the administration of all City services and activities. The Manager’s office supports the City Council and directs activities of all City departments. Coordination of financial planning, budget preparation, public information, and policy development are key parts of the Manager’s office mission.

City Attorney
The City Attorney’s office provides a full range of legal services to the City Council, City Manager, department directors and City advisory groups. These services include legal advice and counseling as to the legality of proposed actions as well as the defense of such actions after the fact, and in selected instances the use of outside counsel on special cases. The City Attorney’s office prepares and/or reviews City Council reports, legal opinions, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, agreements and leases. The department also prosecutes City Code violations and serves as the legal counsel to the Harbor District and Community Development Commission.

City Clerk
The City Clerk’s office acts as an official information source and repository of public documents. The Clerk maintains custody of the City seal, handles codification of the City Code, maintains and catalogs City records, and manages all municipal elections and voter registration.

City Treasurer
The Treasurer’s Office manages the City’s investment portfolio in order to protect principal and earn the highest rate of return. The office also manages the special assessments of the City.

The Building Division enforces State building codes, mobile home regulation and various City codes. The department handles building plan check services, the issuance of building permits, and record keeping for all building projects within the City, both public and private; it also ensures that all building in the City is conducted in compliance with City-issued building permits.

Development Services
The Development Services Department is comprised of the Building, Engineering and Planning Divisions. With the City’s General Plan as a blueprint, this department oversees all aspects of land use, natural resource and transportation planning, design of public projects, and construction oversight on both public and private properties.

Economic and Community Development
The Economic and Community Development Department works to increase the short- and long-term business opportunities in the City, thereby enhancing economic growth. The City Council approved the City’s Strategic Plan for Economic Development that outlines various strategies to increase business interest and investment in the City. Key strategies in the plan include: assuring economic infrastructure; retaining and expanding current businesses; recruiting new industrial, office and retail businesses; facilitating businesses through the City’s planning and permitting process; enhancing the City’s image and promoting the City as a tourist destination.

The Engineering Division enforces federal, state, and local requirements for grading activities, the design and construction of public and private infrastructure, floodplain administration, land development, stormwater pollution prevention measures, and final mapping related to the subdivision of land. Capital improvement projects (CIP) and transportation matters are also administered within the Division. The Engineering Division goal is to provide Oceanside citizens, businesses, and visitors the essential public infrastructure to enhance safety, health, mobility, and quality of life.

Financial Services
The Financial Services Department is an internal service agency for the City organization. The department's mission is to provide financial, budgetary, and revenue collection support to stakeholders. Our policies, plans and reporting systems help operating departments achieve their objectives and ensure the City's long-term fiscal health.

The mission of the Fire Department is to preserve and protect life through the provision of emergency fire and medical support and response services. Fire Prevention efforts enforce fire safety and hazardous material regulations. Staff check building plans, investigate fire incidents, conduct public informational programs for the department, and handle weed abatement concerns. The department provides emergency medical care to victims of accidents or illness that occur within the City and handles all fire suppression and emergency preparation services.

Harbor and Beaches
The Harbor and Beaches Department provides quality public facilities and services in the harbor, beach and pier areas. The department handles all beach and pier facility maintenance, capital improvements and lifeguard services for all City beaches. The department also handles all emergency response for traditional and maritime law enforcement, search and rescue, maritime fire-fighting, emergency medical aid and scuba diving services, and general harbor maintenance.

Housing and Code Enforcement
The Housing and Code Enforcement Division implements the City’s housing assistance programs for low- and moderate-income households. The division works with a variety of non-profit agencies, governmental agencies and businesses in providing housing assistance to the community. Among the programs administered are: Section 8 rental assistance, housing rehabilitation assistance, administration of the City’s Community Development Block Grant program and administration of the City’s Mobile Home Rent Control program. The Code Enforcement Section enforces City Code regulations that address conditions on private property, such as substandard dwelling units, inoperable or abandoned vehicles, accumulations of trash and debris, noise, dust, offensive odors, and abandoned buildings.

Human Resources
The Human Resources Department provides staff support for all City departments in the areas of recruitment and selection, employee relations, collective bargaining, training and wage and salary administration. Employee relations includes counseling individual employees, interpreting the memoranda of understanding for various bargaining groups, and assisting departments in administering the grievance process.

Information Technologies
Information coming soon.

The Library Department provides municipal library services at four library outlets: the Civic Center Library, Mission Branch Library, Bookmobile, and Oceanside READS Literacy Center. With more than 307,000 books and materials in the collection and 84,800 registered borrowers, the Oceanside Public Library is a lively hub of activity.

Parks & Recreation
The Parks & Recreation Division offers a wide variety of programs and services for people of all ages through the division’s service areas: Youth Development, Sports and Athletics, Leisure Services, Aquatics, Senior Services, Special Events, and Cultural Arts.

The Planning Division provides information, guidance, alternatives and professional recommendations to the City Council and Planning Commission in creating a vision that will shape and define Oceanside. The long-term planning for the City includes development and administration of the City’s General Plan and Local Coastal Program. The division also processes development applications and conducts public hearings before the City Council, the Planning Commission and the City’s Historic Preservation Commission.

The Police Department’s mission is to work with the community to prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime, and promote the safety of citizens through all legal and ethical means. The department accomplishes that goal through a problem-solving partnership with members of the community. Officers respond to both emergency and non-emergency calls for service on a 24-hour basis. They detect and apprehend violators ranging from minor traffic offenders to serious felons. With the assistance of the public service officers, they document and investigate instances of criminal conduct and other community problems. Special units include the beach team, canine handlers, motorcycle officers, reserve police unit, and the senior patrol volunteer program.

Property Management
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Public Works
In partnership with our community, the Public Works Department is committed to providing the highest level of service to construct, maintain and enhance public facilities, programs and infrastructure in a cost-effective manner. The Public Works Department maintains the City’s transportation system, streetlights, public landscaping, parks, public buildings and municipal airport. Special emphasis is placed on services to neighborhoods including solid waste clean-up, recycling materials, street sweeping, graffiti control and coordination of capital projects.

The Redevelopment Division’s mission is to redevelop the 375-acre downtown area as the center of government, financial, cultural and commercial activities, integrated with a mix of residential neighborhoods. Redevelopment funds are used to modernize and improve existing structures, rehabilitate deteriorating and substandard structures, assemble land for private development, improve aging public infrastructure, and provide affordable housing.

Water Utilities
The mission of the Water Utilities Department is to provide a safe and reliable water supply to the citizens of Oceanside and to collect, treat and dispose of wastewater in an environmentally acceptable way at the least possible cost. The department is responsible for purchasing water from the San Diego County Water Authority and delivering it through the City for domestic, commercial, irrigation and fire protection purposes. Reservoirs are maintained at levels to prevent any interruption of service to the public, and waterline repairs are made at all hours of the day or night. The department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City’s wastewater collection and treatment facilities. This system includes over 400 miles of pipelines, two wastewater treatment plants, 34 sewer lift stations and an industrial waste inspection program. The City’s sewage is presently treated at full secondary treatment level, according to EPA standards.