Can I take my dog to Oceanside parks or beaches?

Dogs are not allowed on Oceanside beaches.  Please visit North Beach (Dog Beach) in Del Mar, if you wish to share the ocean with your four-legged friends. 

Dogs ARE allowed at City of Oceanside parks and must be leashed.  For dog owners wishing to unleash their pups, visit the Oceanside Dog Park run by the San Diego Humane Society. 

How do I get a license for my pet?

Please contact The San Diego Humane Society at (760) 757-4357.   Information is also available on the San Diego Humane Society's licensing page.

How do I report animal cruelty and neglect?

Animal cruelty, neglect, or welfare issues should be reported to the San Diego Humane Society by calling (619) 299-7012, Extension 2622, or via email at  More information is available on the Humane Society's website at  For animal related emergencies, call 911.

I have a dangerous animal, snake on my property.

Please contact The San Diego Humane Society at (760) 757-4357 for assistance with snakes, dogs, cats and other animals. 

I have a problem with barking dogs.

You can call the Police Department Dispatch at (760) 435-4900.  Due to constrained resources, barking dog complaints are not considered a priority and will be addressed as resources permit.  Individuals may consult an attorney to evaluate possible civil remedies.

I have a problem with bees.

If the bees/beehive are located on the City property, you can submit an Online Request or call (760) 435-4500.

I want to adopt a pet.

Please contact The San Diego Humane Society at (760) 757-4357 or

I want to report a stray dog / cat

Please contact The San Diego Humane Society at (760) 757-4357.

What are the regulations on number of pets allowed?

Generally, animals are limited to six per residential unit, no more than three of which may be dogs. Animals under the age of three months are not included in this count, per Oceanside Zoning Ordinance 3034.

Where are animals like chickens (including roosters) or horses allowed in the City?

There are a variety of codes regulating animals within the city. The Oceanside Zoning Ordinance permits horses only on lots of a sufficient size. Roosters are not allowed anywhere within the city.

Who do I call for dead animal removal?

If the dead animal is on a public street, public property, or beaches, contact D&D Services at (877) 742-5787. There is no charge if the animal is less than 250 lbs.

If the animal is in the water, contact the Harbor Maintenance at (760) 435-4000.

If the dead animal is on Highway 76 or Highway 78 (on/off-ramps) contact Caltrans at (619) 688-6670 .

 If the dead animal is on private property, you may contact D&D Animal Services at (877) 742-5787.  However, a charge of up to $100 from D&D Services for removal is applicable.

If the dead animal is in the City of Vista, call the San Diego Humane Society at (619) 243-3466.