Engineering - Landscaping

Do I need a landscape plan for my project?

During the entitlement process through the Planning Division it will be determined if a landscape plan will be required (per Development Processing Guideline Booklet pg. 11 & Appendix B pg. 2-B). Once a Conceptual Landscape Plan (CLP) is approved by entitlement process, a set of landscape improvement plans shall be submitted to Engineering Division for review and approval.

What is required for landscape plan submittal?

For submittal requirements please see:

  • Conceptual Landscape Plan Requirements
  • Landscape Plan Submittal Requirements

How do I get a landscape permit and start my project?

Once the landscape plans are approved and signed by City Engineer the Landscape contractor or general contractor is required to arrange a pre-construction meeting with the Public Works Inspector 48 hours prior to commencing landscape improvements.
The property owner and landscape architect should also attend this pre-construction meeting at the job site.
No separate permit is required.

Is there a requirement to keep securities (i.e. bond, cash deposit) in place for landscape improvements?

All landscape plans require securities as follows:

  • If landscape improvements are located within the public rights-of-way then the landscape security shall remain in place for a period of one-year from the date of the approved as-built Mylar plan set for that project (per the current Landscape Development Manual pg. 5).  The duration of this time is considered the landscape maintenance/establishment period.
  • If the entire improvement is located on private property, then the security shall be held for a minimum period of 90 days from the date of the approved as-built Mylar plan set for that project.  This usually allows sufficient time to provide the landscape to become established and maintained.

How do I get proposed and/or field changes approved and added to an approved set of landscape plans?

Landscape architect of work should submit all proposed changes to the city for review and final approval.  Depending on the degree and types of changes one of the following may apply:

  • The minor proposed changes may be submitted to the city engineer as a field change request (per Field Change Requests Memorandum) or submitted as a construction change onto the original approved landscape plan or
  • The major proposed changes shall be reviewed by the Planning Division which may require a request for Substantial Conformity, or a revision to the approved Development Plan, which requires a Planning Commission approval.

Do I need to request a final landscape walk through on site prior to obtaining a certificate of occupancy?

Yes, the landscape contractor should schedule a final landscape walk through on site with landscape architect and the Public Works Inspector.  If a punch list is created time will be provided for the contractor to complete or correct any items or deficiencies that differ from the approved plan. Once there are no further outstanding punch-list items, the landscape architect shall submit a landscape certificate to the City which states the landscape has been installed per plan.  At that point the city Public Works Inspector may sign off the certificate of occupancy for landscaping.

Do I need to prepare and submit landscape as-built plans?

The landscape architect of work is required to submit as-built plans prior to the commencement of the required landscape maintenance and establishment period.  The landscape contractor shall provide the landscape architect a redlined set of plans denoting all the changes or deviation from the approved plans.  The Landscape Architect of Work will reflect all the changes on the original Mylar landscape plans in permanent ink and submit bond copies to the Public Works Inspector for review and approval.  Once all the changes are approved the Landscape Architect of Work will denote the changes on the original Mylar set, wet sign the As-built Certification on the title sheet, stamp all Mylar sheets with their professional seal, and label all sheets “As-Built” and submit the set to the City.

How do I get securities (i.e. bond, cash deposit) released for landscape improvements?

The owner/developer may request for a security release through a form provided by the city (Securities Release Submittal Checklist Form) after following requirements have been met:

  • All improvements and punch list have been completed per approved plans.
  • All improvements and punch list has been accepted by the City (in some cases a homeowner association).
  • As-built plans have been submitted and approved by the City.
  • The required landscape maintenance and establishment period has been fulfilled.