Affordable Housing

Who is eligible to live in affordable housing?

People earning a low to moderate income – up to 120% of the area’s median income – can qualify to live in affordable housing communities.  Anyone who has a qualified income, meets minimum credit qualifications, passes the background check, and meets other eligibility criteria can qualify to live in affordable housing.

Where can I find affordable housing in Oceanside?

There are a variety of affordable housing communities in Oceanside.  Some are for seniors, while others are available to all lower-income households.   You will need to contact each community for  information about their eligibility requirements.  The Housing Resources Directory provides information about affordable housing throughout San Diego County.

I am a low-income Oceanside homeowner or mobilehome owner and I cannot afford to fix up my property. Do you have any programs that can help me?

The City has Housing Rehabilitation Programs that assist low-income homeowners and mobilehome owners.

Are there affordable housing programs for first-time homebuyers?

The Mortgage Credit Certificate and CalHome Programs assist first-time Oceanside homebuyers.  Community Housing Works also has first-time homebuyer programs.