Engineering - CIP Section

Who can I contact for information about current or recently completed Capital Improvement Projects?

You may contact Engineering CIP Section Manager, Gary Kellison at

What publications does the City use to advertise bid opportunities?

The City of Oceanside advertises bid opportunities through North County Times newspaper for construction within City of Oceanside. Also all advertised projects are posted on eBidboard.  Please visit our CIP page for more information.

Can I get notified of projects out to bid in the future?

City of Oceanside does not maintain a list of interested bidders for City projects. Interested parties need to regularly check City’s CIP webpage to check for listings of new projects out to bid.

How do I get a plan holder list for projects currently out to bid?

Please contact Bell Blue Reprographics. Click here for contact information

How can I suggest ideas for Capital Improvement Projects?

You may send your request to Engineering CIP Manager by e-mailing or