Mobile Home Rent Control

I own a mobile home in Oceanside and lease my space. What state or local laws may apply to me?

I am interested in purchasing or renting a mobile home in Oceanside. Do you have a list of Mobilehome Parks in the City of Oceanside? Are some parks designated for seniors?

There are seventeen Mobile Home Parks in Oceanside that lease spaces to owners of mobile (manufactured) homes. One park, La Playa Vista, does not currently have any spaces leased to mobile home owners, The following list of parks states whether the park has been designated as a Senior Park. Please see Oceanside Mobile Home Parks for additional information about each park.

I have questions about Mobile Home Rent Control. Who should I contact?

Staff from the Housing Division of the Neighborhood Services Department are responsible for administration of the Ordinance.  Please call (760) 435-3363 or e-mail for more information. 

What other resources are available to me?