Evidence and Property

What must I do to recover property held by the Oceanside Police Department?

• Contact the Evidence and Property Unit at (760) 435-4560 

    1. Provide your name, a case number, or other information to allow us to find the property 
    2. Verify that the property may be released 
    3. Determine if it is held as evidence in a case (if held as evidence, you will require release approval from the detective or the court)

• Bring government photo identification to the Evidence and Property Facility. Accepted identification includes: 
    1. Driver license 
    2. State identification card 
    3. Military identification 
    4. Passport

• Bring any documentation that may verify that you own the property (if ownership is at question). This may include: 
    1. An Oceanside Police Department property receipt 
    2. A court order 
    3. An order for release by an investigator 
    4. A verifiable sales receipt with serial numbers 
    5. The police report number of the incident that documents your property 
    6. A notarized letter authorizing the release of property to you by the owner, if they are unable to appear to recover the property personally 
    7. A request letter to release property to an employee if on institutional letterhead with an official witness 
    8. Other documentation that may show that you own the property in police custody

Why can't I recover my property immediately from the Oceanside Police Department?

  • For security purposes, a limited number of police employees have access to the evidence and property held by the police department. These employees work during business hours Monday through Thursday.
  • The process to recover property held by the Police Department will depend on the type of property you want to recover. Therelease of certain property is dictated by the laws of the State of California. Some of the different types of property are:
  1. Property that is found
  2. Property seized in a search warrant
  3. Property held as evidence
  4. Money
  5. Firearms and other weapons
  6. Property held for safekeeping
  7. Property taken from prisoner