Where are you located?

Oceanside City Hall is located at:
300 North Coast Hwy.
Oceanside, CA 92054

What are your hours of operation?

The City of Oceanside is open:
Monday - Thursday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

The City of Oceanside is closed on legal holidays. 

How do I apply for a City job?

  • You may apply in one of the following ways:
  • Visit the Computer Application Center in the Human Resources Department:

         300B North Coast Highway, 2nd floor, City Hall South, Oceanside, CA 92054

         Hours 7:30 am - 5:00 pm Mon-Thurs; 7:30 am - 4:00 pm Fri

         NOTE: Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. It is to your advantage to complete your application well in advance of the application deadline.

Please visit our Human Resources page for more information.

How do I contact Council members?

To contact all council members please send an email to council member information is located here

How do I view city agendas and staff reports?

City Agendas and staff reports are available here

How do I file a request for Public Records?

Members of the public and organizations may submit requests for City information in accordance with the California Public Records Act (Government Code Section 6250) in person, by telephone, fax, mail, or Public Records Request Portal . These will be processed in accordance with the Public Records Act.

Phone: (760) 435-3001
Fax: (760) 967-3922

How do I become City vendor?

If you are interested in being placed on our vendor list, please send a letter on your letterhead to the City of Oceanside, 300 N. Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054, ATTN: Purchasing, with a detailed explanation of the goods and services you offer. You can also use our on-line registration. We will place you in our database and route any marketing material you may want to include to the most likely users in the City.

How long do I have to claim my funds?

Pertaining to City escheatment, California Government Code Section 50050, et seq., provides that unclaimed monies, which remain in the treasury or in the custody of the officers of a local agency for three (3) years, become the property of the agency. At the end of the three-year period, those items in excess of $15 must be published as notification that the money will become the property of the agency after a designated date if it is left unclaimed; items under $15 need not be published. Escheatment to the general fund occurs if a verified claim is not filed by the designated date, forty-five days after the date of first publication. After this date, money left unclaimed will become the property of the city and can no longer be claimed.

I have submitted the claim to recover my unclaimed funds. How long do I have to wait before I receive a check?

A check should be received within three weeks; after that time, please contact:

Cynthia Lagunas, Administrative Analyst
(760) 435-3913 phone

How do I view City directory?

Please visit our Phone Directory page for more information.

How do I contact Camp Pendleton?

Please call (760) 725-4111 or visit Camp Pendleton website for additional information.