To Submit your Comments on an Agenda Item Electronically


To best serve you, the City of Oceanside welcomes your input. The City Council meeting agenda is placed on the City’s website prior to the City Council meetings, whether it is for a regular meeting, a workshop meeting or a special meeting. The staff reports that correlate to each agenda item are also placed on the website. This is to keep you, the citizens, well-informed.

Many citizens attend the Council meetings and speak on issues that are important to them. However, some people are unable to attend the City Council meeting due to other commitments or are uncomfortable with getting up and speaking at the meeting. Therefore, to provide everyone with the maximum opportunity to be heard, the City Clerk’s office has created the Agenda Item Position Slip. You simply fill in the form, stating your position and including your comments, if any, regarding any agenda item. You can then submit your form electronically.

The form will also be available in hard copy format in the City Clerk's Office at 300 North Coast Highway. You can submit your completed form to the City Clerk staff at that location.

All Agenda Item Position Slips received up to midnight, the day prior to the scheduled Council meeting will be provided to the Mayor and Councilmembers and will be part of the official record.

Hopefully, this will provide more opportunity for you to voice your position on the items Council is considering. It is also a way to have one person designated to speak on behalf of a large group and still have the individual members of that group submit their position/comments.

Thank you for your input!

To submit your comments on an Agenda Item electronically, click here.

**Please note the Agenda Position Slip does not allow individuals to speak at City Council Meetings.  If you would like to speak at a City Council Meeting a Request to Speak Form must be filled out and submitted to the City Clerk at the beginning of the meeting.  The Request to Speak Forms are located at the entrance of City Council Chambers.**