How to Address the City Council at a Meeting


Members of the public have the option to watch the meeting on KOCT Cox Channel 19 (live streaming service available at or attend in person.

At a special meeting on October 6, 2021, the City Council voted to allow Zoom to continue as a method for members of the public to watch City Council meetings. Zoom meeting information will be shared on the agenda for each meeting. Members of the public will not be able to comment on items via Zoom, but your comments may be submitted online beforehand (see below). 

If you have special needs because of a disability which make it difficult for you to submit comments via email or phone, please contact the City Clerk at (760) 435-3001 to make arrangements to accommodate your disability.

Communication on Matters That Are On the Agenda

Individuals wishing to speak regarding matters that are on the agenda may do so during the time for public input for each item. Speakers are required to provide their name and address for the record upon reaching the podium and will have three minutes to speak.

Communication on Matters That Are Not On the Agenda

No action will be taken by the City Council in this category unless the City Council determines that an emergency exists or that there is a need to take action and the need to take action came to the attention of the City subsequent to the posting of the agenda.

Communications From the Audience Regarding Items Not On This Agenda

Persons who wish to speak may complete and hand in to the City Clerk a “Request to Speak” form, available at the door. Each individual making this type of request is limited to three minutes.

Advance Written Request to Reserve Time to Speak

Written requests must be received in the City Manager's Office no later than 10:00 am, seven days prior to the City Council meeting. Each person making this type of request is limited to five minutes. 

Advanced Written Request to Speak Form

To Submit your Comments on an Agenda Item Electronically

Many citizens attend the Council meetings and speak on issues that are important to them. However, some people are unable to attend. Therefore, to provide everyone with the maximum opportunity to be heard, the City Clerk's office has created the Agenda Item Position Slip. You simply fill in the form, stating your position and including your comments, if any, regarding any agenda item. You can then submit your form electronically.

Agenda Item Position Slip

The form will also be available in hard copy format in the City Clerk's Office at 300 North Coast Highway. You can submit your completed form to the City Clerk staff at that location.

All Agenda Item Position Slips received up to midnight, the day prior to the scheduled Council meeting will be provided to the Mayor and Councilmembers and will be part of the official record.

This will provide more opportunity for you to voice your position on the items Council is considering. It is also a way to have one person designated to speak on behalf of a large group and still have the individual members of that group submit their position/comments.

Thank you for your input!