Councilmember Ryan Keim

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Ryan Keim was elected District 3 Council representative in November 2020 and was appointed Deputy Mayor. He was previously appointed to the Oceanside City Council in January 2019, to complete the last two years of a Council seat vacated as a result of the transition to district elections.

Ryan has spent a majority of his career in service to the citizens of Oceanside. Councilmember Keim was a Lifeguard at City of Oceanside pools during college, and graduated from California State University San Marcos with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

In 2004, Ryan served on the Police and Fire Commission until he joined the Oceanside Police Department in 2006. While with the Oceanside Police Department (OPD), Ryan worked in numerous assignments including the Neighborhood Policing Team and the Gang Suppression Unit. As a member of the Neighborhood Policing Team, Ryan partnered with various community groups throughout the city to address quality of life issues that often required creative and time-intensive solutions. Additionally, Ryan had the opportunity to work with students in vulnerable neighborhoods to prioritize education and healthy extra-curricular activities. After suffering an on-duty injury, Ryan retired medically as a sworn officer and became the Public Information Officer for the Oceanside Police Department. Ryan then had the opportunity to join San Diego County Sheriff's Department as the Public Affairs Director and primary spokesperson. As a member of the Sheriff's Executive Management Team, he oversaw the Department of Media Relations at one of the largest sheriff's departments in the country.

Councilmember Keim's priorities for the City of Oceanside are enhancing public safety for all residents by strengthening community relationships, increasing and diversifying the economic opportunities for the City, and reducing traffic congestion. Ryan has been an Oceanside resident for over thirty years and lives in District 3 with his wife and daughter.