Councilmember Christopher Rodriguez

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Councilmember Rodriguez was elected in District 2 in November 2018, the City's first District Election. He was born In Chicago, Illinois, and first arrived in beautiful Oceanside via the United States Marine Corps in 2002.

Christopher served two combat tours in Iraq, including the Invasion to Baghdad, attached to 1st Battalion 5th Marines and the Fight for Fallujah, Operation Vigilant Resolve, attached to 2nd Battalion 1st Marines, where Christopher suffered injuries in a firefight. After the Marine Corps, Christopher started a Mortgage & Real Estate company in 2007.

Blessed in his new career, he was able to purchase a farm in South Morro Hills which he manages with his wife Sarah and six children. They grow guava, passion fruit, avocados, and coffee. Christopher and Sarah have a dream to process and roast their locally grown coffee and educate on the importance of farming local.

As an experienced realtor, he understands land use, zoning, and housing regulations.; Christopher wants to ensure Oceanside lands are best utilized for future generations and desires his own children to live and raise their families in Oceanside.

As a small business owner and past executive board member of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, Christopher understands fiscal accountability and the importance of supporting small businesses and creating higher paying jobs in Oceanside. Christopher understands the importance of his role on Council to represent not only District 2, but the entire City of Oceanside. He has passion and vision in solving Oceanside's housing affordability, crime, and homelessness issues, and will work diligently with fellow Councilmembers to get things done in Oceanside.