Staff Reports

Council Meeting: Wednesday, Jun 22, 2022

Item No.Title
06Waiver of reading of Ordinances and Resolutions
07Acceptance of previous meeting minutes
08Annual purchase orders for materials, services, supplies and equipment for FY 2022-23 from various Fire Department accounts
09Purchase order to Leavitt Communications for the purchase of Very High Frequency portable radios for the Fire Department
10Amendment to the Agreement with Vista Group Inc. for the provision of the motel rooms for unsheltered residents needing temporary shelter; agreement with San Diego Rescue Mission to provide onsite housing supportive services
11Amendment to Agreement with Hinderliter de Llamas and Associates for Measure X sales and use tax services
12Amendment to the Agreement with McAlister Institute for the continued operation of the Sobering Services Center
13Agreement with Hadronex, Inc., dba SmartCover Systems for real time sewer overflow monitoring
14Agreement with Prizm Janitorial Services, Inc. for Janitorial services at the Harbor
15Agreement with Brightview Landscape Services, Inc. of Vista for the landscape maintenance services at the Harbor
16Agreement with Man-K9, Inc. to provide training services to the Police Department’s Canine Unit
17Agreement with UtiliQuest, LLC for underground facility location and marking services for the Public Works Department
18Agreement with Downstream Services, Inc. for the Annual Citywide Storm Drain Inspection and Cleaning Program
19Agreement with Singh Group Inc. for encampment-related litter removal services
20Agreement to ATP General Engineering Contractors for the Slurry Seal & Overlay Project CIP22-00004
21Resolutions to provide for approval of the apron reconstruction and infield grading improvements (“Project”) at the Bob Maxwell Memorial Airfield; acceptance of a grant award from the Federal Aviation Administration for the Project; award of contract for the Project to Sukut Construction, LLC; submittal of an application for a Caltrans Airport Improvement Plan matching grant for the Project; authorization to accept the matching grant funds, if awarded
22Plans and specifications for the apron reconstruction and infield grading improvement project at the Bob Maxwell Memorial Airfield; on-call consultant Agreement with C & S Engineers, Inc.
23Resolution to accept a CALTRANS Sustainable Transportation Planning grant to conduct a feasibility study to complete the Oceanside Coastal Rail Trail
24Revisions to the City’s “Guidelines for Determining Findings of Substantial Conformance” (Substantial Conformance Guidelines)
25Resolutions related to the Oceanside General Municipal Election to be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022
26Resolutions authorizing the levy of special taxes for Community Facilities Districts
27Resolution acknowledging receipt of the annual Oceanside Fire Department inspection report
28Resolution approving and implementing the Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Oceanside and the Oceanside City Employees’ Association
29Resolution approving and implementing the Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Oceanside and the Management Employees of the City of Oceanside
30Resolution approving and implementing the Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Oceanside and the Western Council of Engineers
31Update to the Salary Schedule and adoption of the new Hourly Extra Help Supplemental Salary Schedule
32Request by Mr. Gerald Allen to add four additional terms to the sublease of his Harbor slip
33City Treasurer’s Report for the quarter ended March 31, 2022 and a resolution approving the City of Oceanside Investment Policy
34Resolution approving and implementing the Compensation Plan for Unrepresented Employees
35American Rescue Plan Act Round Two Spending Plan
36Award of a contract to Cox Construction Company for the Fire Station No. 1 project
37Resolution appropriating Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account funds provided by Senate Bill 1 to City Gas Tax Fund 265 and approve the City’s project list for FY 2022-23
38Resolution for the TransNet Local Street Improvement Program of Projects for the City of Oceanside in the 2023 Regional Transportation Improvement Program
39Resolution upholding Planning Commission’s certification of an Environmental Impact Report to allow the subdivision of a 7.38 gross acre site in several locations throughout the site located west of Los Arbolitos Boulevard at the Aspen Street and Pala Road intersections and situated within the San Luis Rey Neighborhood Planning Area
40Resolution upholding Planning Commission Resolution No. 2022-P04 to allow a thirteen-lot subdivision, development of eight new single-family homes and the preservation of four existing single-family homes on a 2.15-acre parcel located 1728 Whaley Street
43Request by Councilmembers Rodriguez and Jensen for Council discussion regarding Oceanside’s current homeless population count and direction to staff concerning city efforts moving forward
44Adoption of an Ordinance authorizing the City to implement Community Choice Energy pursuant to State law