Graywater Reuse Systems

The City of Oceanside allows the use of graywater and rainwater for reuse. The systems must be designed in compliance with the current edition of the California Plumbing Code.

Intent as stated in the California Plumbing Code Chapter 16:

  1. Conserve water by facilitating greater reuse of laundry, shower, lavatory and similar sources of discharge for irrigation and/or indoor use.
  2. Reduce the number of non-compliant graywater systems by making legal compliance easily achievable.
  3. Provide guidance for avoiding potentially unhealthful conditions.
  4. Provide an alternative way to relieve stress on a private sewage disposal system by diverting the graywater.

Permit Required

Graywater systems for irrigation purposes require a building permit and inspection. The City of Oceanside will perform an inspection of the system to verify compliance with the prescriptive designs in Chapters 16 and 17 or alternative designs as permitted by section

Graywater reuse for indoor purposes requires a building permit, plan submittal and requires inspection.

Exempt From Permit

Permits and inspections are not required for the reuse of graywater leaving a clothes washer for irrigation purposes as long as the existing clothes washer drain is left in place and is unmodified. These systems must still meet the requirements of section 1602.1.1 which includes the requirement for subsurface distribution of graywater in order to reduce odors and insects. Graywater should not be used to irrigate root crops.

The current California Plumbing Code can be found online at the following address and is available for viewing at the building division counter: .

For additional help with questions regarding the construction and permitting of graywater and rain water catchment systems please call the Building Division’s direct line for graywater inquiries at (760) 435-3932.